Civil and Environmental Services

Subsurface Investigations

Subsurface Investigations are conducted when Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) or Areas of Concerns (AOCs) are identified at a property. The scope of work includes, marking out the property; the advancement of soil borings; and the installation and development of groundwater monitoring wells. Soil and groundwater samples are collected and analyzed by appropriate methods depending on the type of contamination that was identified in the RECs or AOCs. A report is prepared comparing the findings of the soil and groundwater sampling to applicable regulations.

Contamination Remediation

Planning and coordination of all remedial activities using the most up-to-date technologies, conducted in compliance with appropriate State and Federal regulations, IES has years of experience with varied site conditions and remediation technologies, and can recommend cost-effective solutions to soil and groundwater contamination.

Peer Report Reviews

Our Peer Report Reviews consist of a technical review of reports prepared by other environmental consultants. IES will issue an opinion whether the recommendations and conclusions presented in the previous investigations are indeed appropriate and representative of current applicable environmental practice and standards.