Basic Types of Assessments

  1. Data Report

    IES has developed the DataReport, for the cost of $525.00, which is a combination of a comprehensive database search and a summary report, designed to give you a “thumbnail” sketch of the environmental conditions of a site. You may want to consider using our DataReport for some of the following, should they fit your needs:

    1. To satisfy the “ due diligence” requirements of the FDIC for some select properties in your portfolios.
    2. As a “screening” device to identify some of the potential environmental risks of properties in a specific “loan value” range, such as when the mortgage is small, and/or the “loan-to-value” ratio is “good”.
    3. A preliminary “look-see” on an intended foreclosure.
    4. To supplement an “older” environmental report that you have in your files on an intended loan renewal.

    And Yes, our policy of a 100% credit still applies, should the DataReport lead you to the conclusion that an ASTM Transaction Screen (ASTM) and/or a Preliminary Site Assessment (PSA) is warranted, IES will give you 100% credit, of the amount you paid for the DataReport, towards the cost of an ASTM and/or a PSA, if either is done within six (6) months.