ASTM Transaction Screen

“Due Diligence…With A 100% Credit!”

IES thought that you might be interested in the new version of the ASTM Transaction Screen that we have integrated with our Limited Site Assessment.

IES had developed this type of report for the use of some major New England based financial institutions, and their response to its quality and effectiveness has been very effective to Date.

Have you ever read the ASTM Transaction Screens given to you and asked yourself:

  • What Did They Say?
  • What Does It Mean?
  • Why Don’t They Just Put These Things In Plain English?

Well, No More!

IES has added to our ASTM Transaction Screen a “Risk Rating” which gives you our opinion of the environmental status of your site, in Plain English.

It seems that more lending institutions are using this integrated ASTM as a “screening” and “due diligence” procedure, for Identifying potential environmental risks for properties whose values are in a “selected range”, when the lending institution feels a “full blown” Preliminary Site Assessment (PSA) is not necessary.

The cost of this report is in the $995.00 to $1,055.00 range, depending on location, etc.

Coupled with the above, should the ASTM lead you to the conclusion that a PSA is warranted, IES will give you 100% Credit, of the amount you paid for the ASTM, towards the cost of the PSA, if the PSA is done within (6) months.