IES’ iconic company crest provides a familiarity and recognizability that our clients have come to associate with reliability and assurance over the years, since its inception in 1986. But here are several features of IES, behind the logo, that you may not have known about, but have come to make our environmental consultation services some of the most unique in the field…

IES Rapid Response ensures a quick, yet thorough, response to a client’s request for consultation services at a given property. Need to find out if your site is “dirty”? Our multi-disciplined professional staff can typically perform a site risk assessment within 24 hours, a more in-depth screen assessment within three days, or a full Phase I Site Assessment in as little as two weeks. Our unique, online job portal allows IES to receive requests quickly, and to provide swift turnaround on any of our quotes and proposals. IES understands the time sensitivity that accompanies many of our consultation requests, whether it requires a brief screening of a site, or a full subsurface soil and groundwater investigation.

IES Personal Connection is our guarantee that our customers are never just a number to us. Our clients can rest assured that our staff will be accessible throughout the consultation process for a site. Need to know the timeframe on your project? Our job portal conveniently provides up to date information on the progress of your report or specific service. Need a further explanation of the content of your assessment? Our environmental professionals understand the importance of being available for personal consultation, clarification, and reassurance.

IES Expert Guarantee is our steadfast faith in our staff’s expertise in environmental assessment, soil and groundwater analysis, and remediation. IES will personally support any of our recommendations to our clients and beyond, should our work ever be challenged. Our staff is trained in compliance with all relevant ASTM, MCP, and MassDEP Standards in any of our services. IES consists of environmental professionals who have degrees in a range of environmental studies, and cumulatively, have dozens of years of experience in the ever-changing environmental consulting field. IES understands that your confidence in the environmental cleanliness and liability of your property is only as strong as the assurance that IES provides in its recommendations.

IES Sustainability Philosophy is our holistic approach to providing comprehensive consultation services for you and your property. IES understands that assessments or remediation of a property can be a taxing and overwhelming process for property owners. While an assessment must be thorough and accurate, it must at the same, utilize a full range of innovative strategies to arrive at solutions. Our team will personally consult with each of our clients, to arrive at environmentally sound, yet cost effective, recommendations for your site. First and foremost, IES knows that a sustainable approach to assessing or remediating a site requires a holistic methodology (both environmentally and financially) to give you the most accurate picture of your property’s risk potential.

IES ‘Ask an LSP’ Digital Medium is a robust and interactive information center, hosted on IES’ website, to provide property owners or financial professionals with the tools necessary to understand the environmental risks and requirements of their site. Our website contains the most contemporary news in state/national environmental policy amendments, liability changes, and cost-effective/innovative remediation strategies. Clients have, at their fingertips, access to numerous model assessment reports, case studies, and webinars hosted by LSP Daniel Jaffe. The ‘Ask an LSP’ Forum is IES’ way of bringing our clients the tools necessary to make proactive and effective decisions alongside our professional consultant team.