ASTM Transaction Screen Assessments (TSA)

ASTM Transaction Screen

A TSA is a limited investigation performed in accordance with the latest ASTM Standard E1527-22 that includes a site inspection; a review of State and Federal databases; an interview with the site owner and/or occupant; and an Environmental Questionnaire. This can include a Risk Rating determined by an Environmental Professional (EP), at the client’s request.

Contamination Remediation

Planning and coordination of all remedial activities using the most up-to-date technologies, conducted in compliance with appropriate State and Federal regulations, IES has years of experience with varied site conditions and remediation technologies, and can recommend cost-effective solutions to soil and groundwater contamination.

DataReport With Risk Rating

IES has developed an “DataReport with Risk Assessment”, which is a combination of a comprehensive database search, a borrower questionnaire, a review of Sanborn Atlases, and a summary report, designed to give you a “thumbnail” sketch of the environmental condition of a site.


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