Charlestown, MA – 330 Rutherford Ave


Based on known site conditions, prior to the initiation of the RAM Plan in conjunction with the development of the subject site with a four-story mixed commercial and residential building, it was impacted with an approximate 30′ high stockpile of Historical Fill/Urban Fill containing slightly elevated levels of PCBs; g-BHC; Heavy Metals, including lead and arsenic and PAHs. A slightly elevated level of TCE (0.56 mg/kg) above the applicable RCS-1 Standard was identified in one soil sample (IES-102/S-4) at an elevation of 15.6-13.6 feet above sea level. Delineation testing in the vicinity of soil sample IES-102/S-4 revealed that the slightly elevated TCE impacted soil was less than 5 cubic yards and was subsequently relocated outside of the building footprint. No specific source has been identified in regard to the elevated concentrations of TCE and may be attributed to the former railroad spurs located at the site.


RAM activities included the removal of a total of approximately 31,809.05 tons of Historic/Urban Fill Material to facilitate the development of the site, and included the removal of the slightly elevated concentration of PCB’s and g-BHC from the site. Exposure controls implemented at the site as part of the RAM plan included clean utility corridors; three foot clean soil cover of non-paved areas, asphalt paved and concrete paved surfaces.


The release was limited to the soil and a reportable release to groundwater was not identified. Based on the soil removal program as part of Release Abatement Measure (RAM) Plan including the results of multiple soil and groundwater testing events in conjunction with the findings of a Method 3 Characterization, it is the opinion of IES that a condition of No Significant Risk exists under current site conditions. Additionally, based on known site conditions there have been no impacts to any sensitive receptors, no breakout to nearby surface water bodies, or known impacts to nearby residents, and it has been demonstrated that a Permanent Solution with Conditions has been achieved for this Disposal Site, and an Activity Use and Limitation (AUL) is not required to maintain a condition of No Significant Risk.